APEX: The Highest Point

The core purpose of this program is to inspire and awaken the intrinsic value of adolescents and young adults to see their highest potential. young people. APEX will assess young people for disparities at their earliest points in life, and create treatments that will uplift, empower, and motivate them to success. 

If students knew and understood their personality type, they would have a better understanding of what makes him or her happy and inform teachers how they learn in a classroom setting. This would help navigate the complications of the teen years and produce a well-adjusted adult. 

Fifteen percent of children/teens are depressed at any given time and 11% have a depressive disorder by age 18. APEX is designed using evidence-based change theory and strategies to address emotional wellbeing, communication and learning styles of students. 

APEX is a 6 week, holistic leadership and emotional intelligence seminar for diverse students of color. Developing individual goal setting by helping students focus on improving their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing while addressing varied personality styles, integrity and character traits.

Impact: Creating A Strong Effect

KTC. Inc. has created a development system of resources and strategies for adolescents and young adults to navigate day-to-day life while transforming disadvantages into advantages. 

The IMPACT system works because we use on a 3-dimensional perspective that addresses emotional health, leadership abilities and personality traits to assist them with their personal goals and overall wellbeing. Students will have access to one or more of the following: 

  • Leadership and life skills training 
  • Emotional Wellbeing/Health & Wellness Check-ups
  • Clinical services for adolescents and young adults with serious emotional disorders
  • Juvenile justice services for adjudicated and vulnerable youth

This 12-week program will expose youth and young adults in college to culture & service projects at the local, national and international levels. Individuals will have opportunities to work as mentors, ambassadors and scholars to address mental and emotional wellbeing by immersing and learning about culture using the person in environment and human ecology lens. Students will also participate in workshops that explore ways to maximize policy impact for minorities and marginalized individuals:

  • Local, State Field Trips & Travel Abroad
  • Elementary School Diversity and Inclusion Education
  • Outreach: providing un-insured and under-insured adolescents and young adults with mental health counseling at no cost to them or their families.