Turning Corners... What Does That Mean Exactly?

July 21, 2017 | By Shani Saxon LMSW

As the founder and executive director of this company I wanted to share my thoughts behind what turning corners means to me. Yes, most people will think about driving in cars and making right or left-hand turns. Now apply that to people. Imagine the choices and decisions we have to make every day. (insert sad face..or mad face here). Every choice you make has an outcome and depending on whether or not your decision yields a positive result (obviously our choices all end in positive results, right? Duh Shani), you may have to start over or double-down on your original decision. The name Turning Corners matches my vision for people: “begin the journey by making decisions and choices that will impact your life in the most positive way and produce the most desirable outcomes as you move toward your future goals.”  

You ask, “Well, what if that is a fallacy?” “That is where I come in!”

I am dedicated to helping, educating, motivating, and mentoring….you, your staff, your family, everybody. You see, Turning Corners Consulting was a heart inspired concept developed by me based on my own life experiences. I was not navigating life well because I did not know that my strategy was flawed. As a teenager, I had very little guidance from within my immediate family. My environment was not conducive to positive reinforcement and forward thinking. My neighborhood was…challenging my beliefs about myself. My mom, love her to pieces, but my single mother could not teach me what she did not know. Transitioning from a teenager into a young adult became even more complicated when I became pregnant at age 17. Wait, I can feel your side-eye and judgement. I was in love, that makes having unprotected sex at the age of 16 better right?!

I was a, under-age, single, poor, pregnant! I was veering off the proverbial beaten path. 

I went through every emotion and behavioral changes any young person in the same situation goes through... fear, anger, self-loathing, denial, and then finally acceptance. I still felt completely lost. I had nothing or no one to look to for direction. Thankfully, it did not take long for me to realize that I had some control over my future. I genuinely came to the conclusion that being pregnant at age 17 was my circumstance and NOT my life sentence. I diligently worked hard to finish high school with good grades and applied to a local college. I had nothing to lose.

The day I brought my baby son home from the hospital, there was a letter from Michigan State University waiting for me. The top read “Congratulations, you’re a Spartan!” It was precisely at that moment I knew I would be alright… no matter what. I was turning corners! Yippee!

The truth is, college was the hardest thing I ever had to do. My time was completely absorbed with classes, studying, and taking care of my son. Dating and extracurricular activities suffered, but that was the consequence of having a child I told myself. I had very little money or resources, and virtually no support system. Did I mention that I was not prepared for college?! I was no longer a traditional student by the time I finished my undergrad and graduate degrees because life kept getting in the way. Needless to say, I know a little bit about set backs! 

Turning Corners, Inc.’s primary goal is to assist individuals and companies to become empowered in their personal and professional lives. Also, to build healthy and strong foundations one ‘corner’ (oops, I mean ‘decision’) at a time. It is fundamental that we consider the emerging condition of society and how our emotional and behavioral health is a factor in our personal and work performance. The future is unknown, and that can seem scary and daunting to some people, but we can control how we react and have a toolkit full of resources armed and ready to work through conflict in our environments.  

I serve as your role model, mentor, advocate, friend, and problem solver. You will always be accepted with an open, non-judgmental heart at Turning Corners Consulting.

Thank you so much for your support!