Being a Fatherless Daughter

November 15, 2020 | By Ellise Lee BS, M.Ed.

"Not only do you mourn the loss of what was, you're forced to forever mourn the loss of all that could've been."

By leaving, you forcibly took the dad that was meant to come and save me. The grandfather my kids were supposed to cheer for when we pulled into your driveway. You took my chances at daddy-daughter dances and being your little princess.

I never could believe daddy would save me from the monsters that I'd one day find out are real everyday people and not fuzzy beings in my closet. You decided I needed no guidance learning to navigate the real world and the men in it.... that it wasn't your job to teach me what I should and should not expect from a man..... You decided giving me away at my wedding just wasn't that important to you.

Leaving meant you don't want the call about your only daughter being in labor, and the stress that now you must fly 600 miles to be by my side at 7 am to meet your first grandchild.

It meant you weren't interested in the duet I always dreamed about because I bet you don't know your baby girl inherited your ability to sing...

You didn't want the years of silliness and laughter because We are both big fools.....But the worst thing you did, was show a little girl that a man can be there for you every day, and just as easily be gone the next with no explanation and no apology. That a man can walk around year after year with my name tattooed on his body, and never regret the daughter he created or the father he took from her...

I've seen women be bigger men.

You wanted whatever image of a daughter you had and not the one you got. Your consequence is never having the privilege of meeting and getting to know and love the beautiful person you helped create.


The Sixty Seven Percent.